“The Fairhaven Improvement Association purpose is to promote the beauty and welfare of the town, to foster a spirit of community cooperation among its people and to assist in its growth.”

Brief History

On January 25, 1883, a public meeting was held in the Unitarian Church when a large audience was addressed by Prof B.G. Lathrop, a former secretary of the State Board of Education. His theme was “Rural Improvement Societies.” A few days previous, J.C. Tripp, Dr. Cundall and J.W.L. Hillman had been appointed to solicit members for such a society at one dollar a membership. At the Lathrop lecture, Mr. Hillman was able to announce the names of fifty-five persons who had consented to become a core for future enrollment. On January 29, 1883, a largely attended meeting was held for organization. A constitution and by-laws were drawn up, and the name “Fairhaven Improvement Association” was formally adopted.

FIA By-laws

The by-laws adopted for the Fairhaven Improvement Association back in 1883 declared:

The object of this association shall be to cultivate public spirit; quicken the social and intellectual life of the people; promote good fellowship; and secure public healthy better hygiene conditions in our homes and surroundings.

FIA Motto

To participate in a community-centered organization where there is an opportuity for you to make a different in the lives of those around you is time well spent. The members of the FIA will continue to honor the by-laws and to improve the welfare and the beauty of this well kept secret:

Fairhaven: a town that has it all!

In the early days, a cause that the Fairhaven Improvement Association supported was not made known to the public. The motto for the Fairhaven Improvement Association written in 1883 by Edmund Anthony, Jr. stated:

Give without the hope of return; give without knowing who recieves! The noblest gesture there is – is with the wide open hand.