Homecoming Day Fair

Media Release March 23, 2021


Barbara Acksen, Chair of the Fairhaven Homecoming Day Fair, on behalf of the Fairhaven Improvement Association which sponsors the Fair, announced today that the Fair will be rescheduled until June 25, 2022.

She noted that the well-being of the general public, our vendors, and our town employees remains our number one priority.  Despite gradual opening of the state, health advisories indicate that the public would still not be safe at a large-scale event such as this.  Street Festivals are currently prohibited and

no significant change in this prohibition is indicated in the near future.  We therefore believe that postponement is the responsible course of action.

The Homecoming Day Fair has been Fairhaven’s largest and most popular event for many years.   Thousands of people of all ages come together to enjoy our 175 booths of artisans and craftsmen from all over New England, live entertainment, art show, children’s activities, fire engine rides and great food. 

We look forward to next year when we can all come together again and share the special connections and fun that the Fair has brought for years to people of all ages.

Our committee is already at work planning for different requirements that may be needed for the Fair to take place next year.  We look forward to welcoming the public then.

For future information about rescheduled event please email fairhavenhomecoming@gmail.com

or visit  https://www.facebook.com/FairhavenImprovementAssociation/.

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